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what is this. but consistently and it's difficult to get woohoo the sea the national people's congress and to walk but legal support for more reforms with the npc session tomorrow. korean media reports that the guy carrying the final round of short range project miles from its feet and cut into the sink thousands of russian troops entrenched themselves in
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point the us as the standoff continues i believe what he and ships anchored in the basketball. un secretary general ban ki moon condemned the attack including inciting terrorism cannot be justified under any circumstance. off my bed put on a baking for cctv due to very warm welcome china's national people's congress is to waltham legal support for the country's reform try. more emphasis will be given to improve the quality of who was making them easier to use clearer and more talkative. a spokeswoman for this year's session for reading brief the media ahead of wednesday's opening reported on the knee has more sticking to the rules all national people's congress is going to raise the quality of the tallest making legislative process more open feedback is in ca rage after every round of the liberation
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that's when the national people's congress has set up a five year legislative plan which includes sixty eight items such as the laws on basic health food security and budget when putting more emphasis on the quality of law making and the effectiveness of supervision. i love you run into protectionism primary task of footy and pc in twenty fourteen accompaniments that also bought a nissan open ocean convention which are also on an agenda. once the draft amendment on environmental protection has passed three reviews or adding a fourth round this year he added the view will make better use of input and reflect concern and we hope that we can enact a quality effective environmental protection law queenstown ink and then to saturday's attack including city and offered condolences to families of those killed she called for more understanding and support china's fight against terrorism. the npc has also found a zero tolerance for action frost and to be a
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punishment for offenders the lakers were candid appraisal sixth of august these included the link to the proposed either typing anything town where most important economic ideas will be put forward to. nine days and see that the swim meet in beijing to improve policies laws and budget your suggestions and ideas went up to improve the magistrate of progress in china and beauty and more open fair and society governed by the rules and all the cctv baking. now let's take a look of what the national people's congress it will come of this year. this year's conference will last just the top eight days ending on mops this mean home wednesday chinese premier league coach john will deliver his first government work report. this will include a summary of china's achievements from mafia and the blueprint for its development this year deputies will also review the implementation of the national economy and social development plan in
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twenty thirteen and this drop plan for this year. all much mind to junk the jiang chairman of the npc standing committee will deliver a worker force on the hof of the npc standing committee then on marks the tenth china's chief justice judge young will deliver a report on the work of the supreme people's court. procurator general town john maine will then deliver a report on the work of the supreme people's park your eye sores get busy in school but on the relevant drop resolutions on the final day of the conference. john norris trying various ways to build a frugal government as part of the anti corruption campaign. it's being applied during the annual political season by cutting spending more than five thousand will make his and political advisors are in the capital for their conference which last about two weeks and been reports on the column icing
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welcome to the real political sessions and teaching. with an openly self reuters and car scores on the streets. it's almost like going to an ordinary me. at the chance to go watch it now has broadcast a kind of stressed feeling to come out from anarchy. and i got a late tee keat is all creatures grew accustomed to living simple lifestyles do more likely with rampant corruption. restrictions also includes millwall coming sermon nice and great coffee has no fresh flowers and souvenirs. no commercial products and fruit. mason baal showed as the standard room or representatives at the same. the idea yet. we did the session package provided by the organizing committee only contains the notebook a pen and schedules. may says the anti extravagance campaign aims to
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promote the practicality of an inefficient working style when the psalmist said that the review will sweetly un officials accepted simple lifestyle can be also have a rest which broke up. we thought we should stick to the practice was to get the bill from. waste not want an aunt. on the band police and alcohol. the wait staff has also been reduced. these more economical meeting arrangements reflect the cpc leadership series will today be that bureaucracy and extravagance at official events. it's the principle that one should lead by example. these tulips with its line of people wondering if the two at the opening sessions with criticism over its huge cost. well all for a testing ground to shoulder top leadership experience but i think the cup and put the money saved to better you ask. improve services. we
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sold the social context that can add to my knees above the tree the cctv baking. new leadership is laid out a vision for a stronger country using the term china and rained and rained this to my china the chinese nation prosperous powerful and proud again. it's knowing years since the new leadership took office on or how was the responding to this vision and tongue reports. chinese leaders that included about two countries but it sounds what is the ordinary family to ensure terrorists the answer is clear. wealth health and wellbeing. sunday as part of china's emerging middle class which parodied existed just a decade ago her mother said in a broader sense they're all but the fisheries of targets before we open up which started in nineteen seventy
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eight. when law firms on towns and convenor love to bake city is raging in the back east on exchange and the same time when that really leading them to actually apply. after playing in car killing their carefully. i'd end up spending hundreds of fishing in this competitive city face skyrocketing housing prices the family has moved to great tunes severance for a bigger apartment the steel used up almost all their savings. jasper campaign the balcony after a month salary for a mortgage. how can you hand it to our first baby to and from work. their child is about to start school. their parents are getting cold. the growing financial pressures are hewitt's burden for some nice bread winner missed and he now works well all was a day and daddy dressed on weekends that means i work in a private company to be honest china's market isn't very friendly to private
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businesses. your nanny boundaries in policies and procedures. the bigger environment becomes better you'll be easier for us make a living across the country there are hundreds of millions of families like to meet us total and struggled and three. for many times that identity is not just about six thousand individuals like mr the day to me that each person's faith is closely connected with the changes our nation the government is pushing the country's coast changes the new leadership to authors see jean king has promised a comprehensive reforms the government says the problem least on the faces of part of a structural problem that calls for structural changes that i didn't really match the team concludes that it's going to the nation of the chinese nation which ought to reshape the life of its content. that my daughter and her laugh you can. i took this in
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the least my parents. one man team. who wanted mine. i grew up in small been reached and experienced hard times. i'm grateful for anything we have today. i like dream is to raise to help finance her whole family. that's my contribution to building a better turnout. over a billion people in china the key is to bake time in three kerala. and on cctv. aj where to start getting some reports say in from south korea's you don't have news agency that the dprk has spinal seven short range projectiles from us. these cuts. i will find in the morning from the city all but one sound and fruit about fifty five kilometers in a northeast direction four others were launched beginning at four seventeen in the opposite in and they will find via the longer i intro of torture in the same region with a range of one hundred and fifty five
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kilometers. so i get the latest illness from our car spun and china home to joyce's omaha and from seoul auditioning just tell us what you know about the dprk is projectiles and the move comes of course some of the dprk to watch this isles on every the twenty i found again yes tonight is the twenty link between the firing of these projectiles and the us south korean joint minute regional i had with the predicted three years day that the date the band were in fact projectiles artillery shells that in contrast the researcher range missile launches. you know that it is a moment ago the first set of launches of the morning your local five were from two hundred forty millimeter rocket launchers and about our half ago or more projectile of work longer three hundred millimeter rocket launchers oh eight to about sixty five km is that in contrast to the future
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read the old saw yesterday just yesterday said the ties that hold the rate of five hundred km much longer. last thursday of course but the fact that both of us after the retreat of the people it is difficult if you know for sure at this point was to be your key voters are by adopting the firing the first thing that they're most likely in response the ongoing military exercise between seoul and washington. i was just yesterday dprk the media criticizing the deployment of us nuclear powered submarine arrived here without transport of food but the front and is thought to start the third noble self created us that the officials are calling the violation of the fifty us security council resolution. it was criticized these ongoing military drills in the preview i've called them working in a precursor to the court they should know that you're getting fed up with treason and plot. in light of the conciliatory than we thought couple weeks ago but
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he did a great family reunion but nonetheless officials of the top three military were made on high alert to keep the costs aren't any unusual activity coming from across the border. whats more i say many thanks for the updates ashamed and reporting to a son from saul. not to have it's a new claim in the standoff incline year continues to ukrainian navy ships a bean ball so misused i advise for russian naval ships in the crimean port of sebastian call. it's a massive hole is cut into russia's black sea fleet and the ukrainian navy is placed here soon. local tour guide says the ukrainian chips once tried to leave the football by russian minesweeper is on monday the russian defense ministry denied that an ultimatum had been issued same day russian troops said to be sixteen thousand strong tightened their grip on crimea. they now control board a post there as well as the mother of three facilities and the ferry terminal. today president anemia person ordered troops
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to tow cars in the three exercises in central and western russia to return the bikes up to completing their training. for more on this developing a crisis would join via our correspondent roy iraq and that is standing by for us being here. i welcome again riley of the u s secretary of state to joan kerry has left the us to visit you crying has he arrived of course and a can you tell us the latest on the standoff there. and it is supposed to arrive some time at midday it's just past eleven am here so we do expect them here in the coming hours we know that we'll be speaking but to the press about five thirty pm so in about six hours time here and up. according to sources is expected to lay flowers on institutes dial which is on the other side of the maya done behind me the independence square if you can make it out through the fog couple hundred meters behind me. that was the scene
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of some of the deadliest violence here of down to about ten days ago now. one of things to note falling about what you said is this announcement but we will likely be well received in the timing or the timing of john kerry's visit because a lot of the concern here is not just been over a russian presidents in crimea in russian so of gaining a stronghold there that perceived hear the many reports from other ukrainian cities particularly the border cities of that there is a buildup of russian artillery on the russian side of the border close to those crossings of the fact that putin. i wouldn't know as you've reported the calling them back to their bases will likely be icky of point of discussion as john kerry arrives here we understand from the americans that they have called off a military cooperation with russia there are other aspects that could be discussed in the us saying it wants to follow economic of pressure but not necessarily get involved in a military confrontation that could mean a number of
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different things pushing some of the g seven countries to kick russia out of the g eight of blocking the bank accounts of of russian officials that will be quite complicated of course what's a member also in the bigger picture here that washington needs cooperation of from moscow on a number of different issues including you're on a very key issue for the obama administration and perhaps even lets not forget the serious the building sum up a lot of important issues for john kerry to discuss if he comes here to lend his support to the ukrainian government sydney will rubbery what's the response clean as far as the ukrainian media is concerned that it is a difficult a really tall. in a ball count them responding because the gnostics under the sections of media there that are aligned with the different views. and to different sides involved in this crisis. indeed here in kiev for example most of the media did not broadcast
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the speech a few days ago by the tyrannical that the ousted leader who spoke up from the russian city of ross those other side of the border of very little sympathy here. even among people who voted up for a chemical that people who are members of his party of regions will send that email for the situation following the deadly clashes which left dozens of people dead many people here saying they want to see a change of faces and the change in the system now the media has been reporting this was the situation in the crimea as an invasion using that word term frequently and that's part of the terminology it's been embraced by the new ukrainian leadership here very much a sense that the russians have moved and are preparing to move in to other parts of the country particularly the russian speaking part of the east that is. this last point that probably needs to be seen places like donetsk for yesterday of pro moscow and pro uk of a sea of protesters faced off those protests were. ofcom they were cordoned off by police
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operated by police for those that turned deadly in violence at any moment and if russia feels the need to send the russian troops there to protect a russian speakers that would of course that lend credibility to ukraine's fears that russia is preparing for an invasion this could turn quite tricky at any moment in the ukraine ukrainian me at least harper train it to that kind of a crisis that affected turned sour very very fast. we're like to thank you very much a roadie for a fetching us there from here from iraq and that god calls forth and covering the situation there and obviously you can tell from rae's the remarks that tensions are rising. the new plane and its crimea region whether the possibility of an incursion by russian troops well the un security council was held in emergency session to address the situation soldiers must sing in ukraine symbol of our callings of the neutral one of the anointed nations. this
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is diplomacy remains deeply divided. another emergency security council meeting on ukraine and russia weekend saying the movement of its troops was installing electrical will by producing a written request from ousted ukrainian president viktor yanukovich costing russian president whether their pigeons to send all its faults. most of his business is going to deny that this is completely virgin on the russian off and given a certain situation in ukraine this threat and the threat to our compatriots russian citizens. and the black sea fleet. we're talking about defending our citizens our compatriots on defending the most important human rights. the right to life the us ambassador to the un shops are so many of the assertions made this afternoon by the russian federation are without basis in reality. as i said our last session. russia's actions speak much louder than its words. what is happening today is not a human rights protection mission and it is not a
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conceptual intervention. what is happening today is a dangerous military intervention in ukraine. it is an act of aggression. it must stop. here in geneva the second general and the minutemen with russia's foreign minister said a lover they talked about the importance of the escalating the situation by engaging in constructive and meaningful gone. speaking of the human rights council on monday the second general gave his backing to ukraine this card to shop for respect for. and a prism a show off who crazy independence unity sovereignty and territory and in chemical. time has also sent his deputy second general gonna listen to kiev to meet with ukraine your politics in hopes of finding a diplomatic solution and that the third emergency un security council meeting on ukraine china is permanent representative uga year
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repeated china's stand on the issue. he said china insists on the principle of non interference in any country's internal affair when the dt. we contend the recent extreme audience the ukraine. we have the excuse of evidence of use and ukraine. it was so faint and noticed his piece the weeping bendigo free black sea dog that likes and interests of all ethnic communities in ukraine theres still no more social notice the charter will borrow the development of the situation closely. we call on all relevant parties to seek a peaceful resolution of differences to tanaka and negotiation based on respect to international role and snow in the pleadings national relations the oldest aunt called the regional peace and stability. chinese police have captured the remaining three people suspected of carrying out saturday night's deadly train station terror attack in the southwestern city of corning. according to
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the ministry of security the attack was committed by a team of eight terrorists the group was made up of six men and two women for which all dead and one woman was captured by police on saturday. on monday the remaining three suspects were captured. both are jesus stepped up security checks across remain including the train station and the chum shwe international airport. the city's educational policies side wall middle and finally schools open as normal on monday but with enhanced security. what insights is called saturday's attack in kunming as an act of terrorism targeting the at random. the site to pop and told a news briefing that the us extended its condolences to the victims having the us opposes violence intentionally directed at innocent civilians regardless of the quartz and opposes
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terrorism and wars for us the un secretary general ban ki moon has condemned the attacks saying attacks cannot be justified under any circumstances. it's speaking to a media conference in geneva. he also urged the international community to fight terrorism. raise the facts. the trust justify under any circumstances. one of the indiana reasons. that is why i had for him to stroll the sitcoms. then he said terrorists attacked us on all except one. and the patriots this must be corporate trustees. as i aborted he said. i couldn't they. again once again my morse has since healed cotton sheets and sympathies to my goal was to families so that becomes a nike shoe
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polish the future. for speed the recovery. mika has suffered too much to rome the baggies of attacks. i can get. though we must unite to fight the cancer is so terrorism. and that's it for this update on cctv news service now for the weather information and then it's time to come along and have fun at the top of the next hour of eight will likely be the demise of july i love how the us likely that the company. is you
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the pope made me be a new type of palestinian someone to help lead us to a better future in the middle east. he grew up in store bought her a village in east jerusalem. i can from a betting pool or
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funny. i ate i remember that they intend to do a year of the month i didn't have it tries to get to that. and thus the name i did get a decision. i want to be another best on that day as usual the swan lake eyre in my ear mom i feel itchy all over my a fence so i turned to business openings first one then a second medical clinic in his village. we ate began and is that businesses from a man from ceo of the topeka for the defendant to make it there. a winning time to bring that into it sounded cool to think in order and the machines when hubs to six thousand men but as you are new to the tv gimme the cuts in those two doors from the beginning he believes that the business to serve the community meets art that i am and in the corner and there might be king was
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and how a way to have my eight people one slug was a teen he was accepted into hebrew university but couldn't afford to go recently he was very happy to enroll again with the promise that i want to load it into an animated version of this thing. and now i am and making due to his second big city in the management and was he was there with the help of the astor center for entrepreneurship. he started the east jerusalem his camp a unique series of business classes for palestinian women designed to help them get the skills and encouragement to start their own small businesses and we take it down and they don't want that they nodded and had visited him and they didn't have been a vision or if your child because they didn't have towards women who've taken his course of open home based businesses such as beauty salons or home cooked food services. one woman opened her own optician business that works closely with watts
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clinics. i'm not from an all out in. but no we did businesses is betty a beak and a six foot one the tandem two hundred and nine. but man batsman the stars. he certainly knows from his own experience how business is rooted in the community can succeed helping all in soft and believe me if some mankind's you have difficult to an idea for it to your going and your puppy addition the unknown that you are a good man there was supposed to also was hard work was recently recognized in a ceremony and reception at mount zion hotel in jerusalem. he was awarded the inaugural social entrepreneurship award given jointly by the astor foundation in hebrew university. you can be to enable you need your begun to lose it to go to the boy. you
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just do need to know what you're going and you will need ongoing you'll agree wind nm will . i am the company seeks all ratio in this week's missile didn't bother going off to spend a lot of it. a vindictive ingalls rink united states


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